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Majority Staff

Juliane Sullivan, Staff Director
Krisann Pearce, General Counsel

Parliamentary and IT Staff
(202) 225-4527

Nancy Locke, Chief Clerk
Alissa Strawcutter, Deputy Clerk
James Mullen, Director of Information Technology 

Education Staff
(202) 225-6558

Amy Jones, Director of Education and Human Services Policy
Mandy Schaumburg, Education Deputy Director and Senior Counsel
Brad Thomas, Senior Education Policy Advisor
James Forester, Professional Staff Member
Emily Slack, Professional Staff Member
James Redstone, Professional Staff Member 
Leslie Tatum, Professional Staff Member
Jenny Prescott
, Professional Staff Member
Kathlyn Ehl, Professional Staff Member
Emmanual Guillory, Professional Staff Member
Clint Raine, Education Fellow  
Alex Ricci, Legislative Assistant 
Matthew Frame, Legislative Assistant
Sheariah Yousefi, Staff Assistant  

Workforce Staff
(202) 225-7101

Ed Gilroy, Director of Workforce Policy
Molly McLaughlin Salmi, Deputy Director of Workforce Policy
Andrew Banducci, Workforce Policy Counsel
Loren Sweatt, Senior Policy Advisor
Joe Wheeler, Professional Staff Member
Christie Herman, Professional Staff Member
John Martin, Professional Staff Member
Michelle Neblett, Professional Staff Member
Jessica Goodman, Legislative Assistant
Callie Harman, Legislative Assistant
Olivia Voslow, Staff Assistant 

Communications and Coalitions Staff
(202) 226-9440

Brian Newell, Communications Director
Lauren Aronson, Press Secretary
Tyler Hernandez, Press Secretary 
Lauren Reddington, Deputy Press Secretary
Dominique McKay, Deputy Press Secterary
Janelle Belland, Coalitions and Member Services Coordinator

Administrative Staff
(202) 225-4527

Dianna Ruskowsky, Financial Administrative Officer
Elizabeth Podgorski, Administrative Director
Martha Davis, Staff Assistant