Majority Staff

Brandon Renz, Staff Director
Krisann Pearce, General Counsel

Parliamentary and IT Staff
(202) 225-4527

Nancy Locke, Chief Clerk
James Mullen, Director of Information Technology 

Education Staff
(202) 225-6558

Amy Jones, Director of Education and Human Services Policy
Mandy Schaumburg, Education Deputy Director and Senior Counsel
Brad Thomas, Senior Education Policy Advisor
Leslie Tatum, Senior Education Policy Advisor
James Forester, Professional Staff Member
Emily Slack, Professional Staff Member
James Redstone, Professional Staff Member 
Kathlyn Ehl, Professional Staff Member
Emmanual Guillory, Professional Staff Member
Alex Ricci, Professional Staff Member
Jonas Linde, Professional Staff Member 
Caitlin Burke, Legislative Assistant
Jake Middlebrooks, Legislative Assistant 
Andrew Morley, Staff Assistant

Workforce Staff
(202) 225-7101

Rob Green, Director of Workforce Policy
Molly McLaughlin Salmi, Deputy Director of Workforce Policy
John Martin, Workforce Policy Counsel
Rachel Mondl, Professional Staff Member and Counsel
Joe Wheeler, Professional Staff Member
Geoffrey MacLeay, Professional Staff Member
Alexis Murray, Professional Staff Member
Callie Harman, Professional Staff Member
Lauren Williams, Professional Staff Member
Olivia Voslow, Legislative Assistant
Benjamin Ridder, Legislative Assistant
Heather Wadyka, Staff Assistant

Communications and Coalitions Staff
(202) 226-9440

Kelley McNabb, Communications Director
Michael Woeste, Press Secretary
Michael Comer, Deputy Press Secretary
Marty Boughton, Deputy Press Secretary
Jarilyn Blaine. Press Assistant
Courtney Butcher, Director of Member Services and Coalitions 

Administrative Staff
(202) 225-4527

Dianna Ruskowsky, Finance and Personnel Advisor
Elizabeth Podgorski, Administrative Director 
Blake Johnson, Staff Assistant
Madison Hardimon, Staff Assistant