• Career and Technical Education

    Since 1984, the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act has provided federal support to state and local career and technical education (CTE) programs. These programs—created and operated by state and local leaders—offer students the opport... Read More >>

  • Child Nutrition


  • Empowering Parents

    It is impossible to pursue education reform without acknowledging the vital role of parents. Because parents are in the best position to shape and improve their children’s futures, Republicans have made great strides to ensure all parents – regardles... Read More >>

  • Health Care

    The rising cost of health care is a challenge confronting families and businesses both large and small across the country. Rising health care costs are also a leading factor in the number of individuals who do not have insurance. High costs can force... Read More >>

  • Higher Education

    American colleges and universities attract students from across the world; few countries can compete with the wide array of higher education institutions and programs available in the United States. We must support continued diversity and choice in t... Read More >>

  • Jobs & Job Training

    The recent economic downturn is a reminder of how critically important education and training opportunities are to workers in an increasingly competitive global economy. Especially during a time of economic uncertainty, training and education can cre... Read More >>

  • Multiemployer Pension Reforms


  • Oversight

    The American people deserve an open, accountable government that spends taxpayer money efficiently and wisely. Far too often the Washington establishment accepts waste, fraud, and abuse as a necessary part of doing business with a big-government bure... Read More >>

  • PreK-12 Education

    Education is critical to the economic well-being of our country and the future prosperity of our children. We can no longer accept a broken system in which only roughly 30 percent of eighth grade students have basic reading and math skills. As we wor... Read More >>

  • Protecting Access to Retirement Advice


  • Protecting Upward Mobility and Opportunity


  • Responsible Budgeting and Spending

    American taxpayers invest tens of billions of dollars each year to improve our schools, expand college access, provide training and assistance to job seekers, and maintain safe, fair, democratic workplaces. These investments are important, but experi... Read More >>

  • Retirement Security

    Retirement security is a top priority for American families, which is why it is a top priority for Republicans in Congress. The continuing decline of the defined benefit pension system and the loss of American savings in the aftermath of the 2008 fin... Read More >>

  • Teacher Quality

    Giving our children the best education possible begins by giving them effective teachers. Republicans have long stressed the importance of quality teachers to children’s success, a position reinforced through our support of the policies necessary to ... Read More >>

  • Union Democracy

    All Americans should be free to pursue economic opportunity. Whether or not workers choose to organize, they do not relinquish their right to basic democratic principles. That is why Republicans continue to fight to protect the democratic rights and ... Read More >>

  • Workplace Safety

    Safe workplaces are vital to the well-being of our workers and the strength of our economy. For that reason, Republicans have long supported and promoted policies to improve safety on the job by preventing workplace injuries and illnesses. Under Repu... Read More >>