The recent economic downturn is a reminder of how critically important education and training opportunities are to workers in an increasingly competitive global economy. Especially during a time of economic uncertainty, training and education can create jobs and help put Americans back to work. Republicans are committed to a dynamic, results-oriented workforce development system that meets the needs of workers and helps local communities respond to an ever-changing labor market. 

In 1998, a Republican Congress passed the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) to give job seekers access to important workforce development services, counseling, and labor market information to help them get back to work. One-Stop Centers, which were created in the 1998 law to streamline workforce development services, have provided valuable resources to Americans who are out of work or simply looking to improve their skills and secure a better job. 

Despite the success of the current One-Stop system, American job-seekers would benefit from a more streamlined system that enables them to take advantage of the variety of resources available. Republicans will continue to press for solutions to improve America’s workforce development system to help ensure states and local communities can deliver workers the resources they need to find good jobs.

Moving in the Right Direction