The rising cost of health care is a challenge confronting families and businesses both large and small across the country. Rising health care costs are also a leading factor in the number of individuals who do not have insurance. High costs can force businesses to choose between continuing health care coverage for its employees and hiring new workers. Republicans are committed to expanding access to affordable health care so every American family receives the care they need and deserve.  

Republicans believe a commonsense approach to health care reform is the best way to lower health care costs without growing the size of government or interfering in the health care millions of Americans currently enjoy. The 2010 government takeover of health care will destroy jobs, increase health care costs, add to the national debt, and undermine the patient-doctor relationship. Sensible and fiscally responsible reforms will make health care more affordable and help reduce the number of Americans who lack affordable coverage. 

The American people overwhelmingly reject government-run health care and have demanded Congress do better. Now and in the future, Republicans will fight to:

  • Make affordable health care accessible to all Americans regardless of pre-existing conditions; 
  • Fight to protect American families from being forced into a one-size-fits-all plan that will eliminate the health care coverage millions of Americans currently enjoy; 
  • Prevent government bureaucrats from coming between patients and their doctors; 
  • Preserve the freedom for all Americans to choose the health care that best fits their families’ needs; and 
  • Ensure health care reform does not place an unsustainable fiscal burden on taxpayers and future generations.
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