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Education & Labor Committee Republicans

Walberg Statement: Hearing on Improving the Federal Wage and Hour Regulatory Structure
July 23, 2014  - For more than 75 years, the Fair Labor Standards Act has provided America’s workforce with crucial federal wage and hour protections. Every day the vast majority of employers do their part to ensure workers enjoy these vital protections. Unfortunately, that is becoming an increasingly difficult chal...More

Kline Statement: H.R. 3136, the Advancing Competency-Based Education Demonstration Project Act
July 23, 2014  - Across the country, millions of college students are getting ready to start the school year. They will soon say goodbye to family and friends and pursue their dream of a postsecondary education. Unfortunately, many Americans are struggling to turn that dream into reality. The higher education system...More

Kline Statement: H.R. 5076, the Enhancing Services for Runaway and Homeless Victims of Youth Trafficking Act
July 23, 2014  - Each year an estimated 300,000 innocent children fall victim to sex trafficking right here in the United States. The victims can be homeless or runaway youth; others are simply taken from their parents in the blink of an eye. The victims’ families are our neighbors, friends, and loved ones. As a fat...More

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