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Card Check by Another Name
October 9, 2015  - Not too long ago, Democratic presidential candidates were wooing Big Labor by voicing support for the anti-worker card check scheme. Now, Sen. Bernie Sanders has taken that union boss courtship a step further by introducing card check as a legislative proposal named the Workplace Democracy Act. It’s...More

Former Incarcerated Youth Credits Community-Based Program for Successful Rehabilitation
October 8, 2015  - The Committee on Education and the Workforce, chaired by Rep. John Kline (R-MN), today held a hearing to discuss the juvenile justice system and federal, state, and local efforts to better serve at-risk youth and juvenile offenders. Members learned from policy experts and those who have been directl...More

Kline Statement: Hearing on “Reviewing the Juvenile Justice System and How It Serves At-Risk Youth"
October 8, 2015  - Some may be wondering why the Education and the Workforce Committee is holding a hearing on an issue that might otherwise fall under the Judiciary Committee’s purview. After all, the words “crime,” “court,” “judge,” and “jail” are not terms we frequently hear in this committee. So why are we here to...More

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