• Kline, Roe Ask NLRB to Detail Effects of Sequestration
    Mar 15, 2013  - Dear Chairman Pearce and Acting General Counsel Solomon: As you know, the Budget Control Act of 2011 required Congress to enact legislation to achieve deficit reduction levels of at least $1.2 trillion by January 15, 2012. Failure to enact legislation would trigger a sequestration order - automatic... More
  • Left Turn: Mr. President, why not try responsible spending cuts?
    Feb 28, 2013  - To get the nation’s fiscal house in order, the American people shouldn’t have to choose between higher taxes and indiscriminate budget cuts. Yet that is precisely the false choice President Obama wants the country to make. House Republicans have twice advanced a responsible alternative, one that add... More
  • Left Turn: Obama Pre-K Proposal Raises Serious Questions
    Feb 14, 2013  - When President Obama called for expanded access to early childhood education during Tuesday’s State of the Union address, House Committee on Education and the Workforce Chairman John Kline warned, “Before we spend more taxpayer dollars on new programs, we must first review what is and is not working... More
  • State of the Union Preview: Five Questions the President Must Answer
    Feb 12, 2013  - The nation will tune in tonight to hear President Obama discuss the State of the Union. As is always the case with this solemn occasion, Americans from every walk of life will listen closely as the president outlines the challenges we face and offers his ideas for leading the country toward a bright... More
  • ICYMI: What's Next for Head Start?
    Nov 16, 2012  - Each year, the federal government spends more than seven billion dollars on Head Start, a program designed to help low-income children prepare for success in school and in life. In an effort to ensure the program is working for families and taxpayers, congressional leaders in the House and Senate h... More
  • House Passes Bill to Increase Claims Processing Efficiency Under Davis-Bacon Act
    Nov 13, 2012  - The House of Representatives today approved the Streamlining Claims Processing for Federal Contractor Employees Act (H.R. 6371), legislation that moves responsibility for wage claims adjustments for workers employed by federal contractors from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to the Depart... More
  • Kline Statement on President’s Decision to Ignore Sequestration Transparency Act Deadline
    Sep 7, 2012  - U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce Chairman John Kline (R-MN) released the following statement on President Obama’s failure to comply with the Sequestration Transparency Act: Forty-three straight months of unemployment above 8 percent is a difficult reminder of President Obama’s fai... More
  • VIDEO RELEASE: Kline Calls for Senate Action on Stafford Loan Interest Rates
    Jun 25, 2012  - House Committee on Education and the Workforce Chairman John Kline (R-MN) appeared on Sunday’s edition of C-SPAN’s Newsmakers program to discuss student loans and Republican efforts to prevent a scheduled rate increase on subsidized Stafford Loans without raising taxes or adding to the deficit. Educ... More
  • ICYMI: Market can fix student loans
    Jun 11, 2012  - By Rep. John Kline (R-MN) Unless Congress takes action, student loan interest rates for millions of borrowers will double in just a few short weeks. The House has already done its part by approving the Interest Rate Reduction Act, bipartisan legislation that will prevent a scheduled interest rate i... More
  • Job Training Legislation Protects Valuable Taxpayer Resources
    May 30, 2012  - The nation’s debt is fast approaching $16 trillion and experts warn the country is on the brink of a crisis. While the White House tries in vain to deny its own fiscal recklessness, House Republicans are moving forward with responsible solutions to root out government waste and better protect taxpay... More