• Protecting Access to Affordable Retirement Advice - H. J. Res. 88
    Apr 25, 2016  - THE PROBLEM: Far too many men and women will leave the workforce without the financial security they need to retire. Policymakers should be looking for opportunities to make it easier for working families—especially low- and middle-income families—to successfully plan for their retirement years. Th... More
  • Committee Approves Resolution to Stop Fiduciary Rule, Protect Access to Affordable Retirement Advice
    Apr 21, 2016  - The House Education and the Workforce Committee, chaired by Rep. John Kline (R-MN), today approved a resolution (H.J. Res. 88) to block the Department of Labor’s “fiduciary” rule and protect access to affordable retirement advice for low- and middle-income families. The resolution was introduced by ... More
  • Kline Statement: Markup of H.J. Res. 88
    Apr 21, 2016  - Today, the committee will consider H. J. Res. 88, a resolution to block a harmful new regulation that will restrict access to affordable retirement advice. I would like to begin by thanking our colleague, Dr. Roe, for his leadership on this very important issue. Since 2011, he has served as the chai... More
  • Roe Statement: Markup of H.J. Res. 88
    Apr 21, 2016  - This resolution is our way of honoring a commitment we made more than five years ago. Since the Department of Labor issued their first proposal to expand the definition of “fiduciary” in 2010, we have raised concerns about their approach. Not the intent behind the rule – the approach. We agree that ... More
  • Members Move to Block Fiduciary Rule, Preserve Access to Affordable Retirement Advice
    Apr 19, 2016  - Rep. Phil Roe (R-TN), chairman of the Education and the Workforce Subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor, and Pensions, along with Rep. Charles Boustany, chairman of the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Tax Policy, and Rep. Ann Wagner (R-MO), today introduced a resolution, under the Congressional R... More
  • Committee Leaders Respond to Labor Department’s Final Fiduciary Rule
    Apr 6, 2016  - Education and the Workforce Committee Chairman John Kline (R-MN), Health, Employment, Labor, and Pensions Subcommittee Chairman Phil Roe (R-TN), Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX), and Oversight Subcommittee Chairman Peter Roskam (R-IL) issued the following statement in response to... More
  • WaPo: People Will Lose Access to Retirement Advice
    Mar 16, 2016  - In a recent editorial, the Washington Post recognizes the harmful effects of the administration’s “fiduciary” proposal. Writing on a rule crafted behind closed doors, the Washington Post confirms: The fiduciary rule would inevitably abolish some number of business relationships certain people might ... More