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Education & Labor Committee Republicans

  • Strengthening Our Commitment to Victims of Youth Trafficking
    Jul 11, 2014  - THE PROBLEM: Each year, an estimated 300,000 youth may become victims of sex trafficking, while other youth are forced into hard labor and drug trafficking. Runaway and homeless youth are especially at risk of falling victim to sex trafficking. Approximately one out seven runaway youth reported to ... More
  • Kline, Roe Applaud Supreme Court Hobby Lobby Decision
    Jun 30, 2014  - House Education and the Workforce Committee Chairman John Kline (R-MN) and Health, Employment, Labor, and Pensions Subcommittee Chairman Phil Roe (R-TN) today issued the following joint statement after the Supreme Court issued its ruling in Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby Stores: Religious freedom is a fund... More
  • Left Turn: Supreme Court Rebukes President Obama
    Jun 27, 2014  - In a resounding rebuke of President Obama, the Supreme Court issued a unanimous decision yesterday declaring the president’s 2012 non-recess recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board unconstitutional. In response to the high court’s ruling, Education and the Workforce Committee Chair... More
  • Rep. Messer Introduces Bill to Protect Classrooms from ObamaCare’s Punitive Employer Mandate
    May 30, 2014  - House Education and the Workforce Committee Member Luke Messer (R-IN) today introduced legislation in response to the challenges facing schools as the result of the president’s health care law. The Safeguarding Classrooms Hurt by ObamaCare’s Obligatory Levies (SCHOOL) Act (H.R. 4775) would exempt sc... More
  • Safeguarding Classrooms Hurt by ObamaCare’s Obligatory Levies (SCHOOL) Act
    May 30, 2014  - THE PROBLEM: Across the country, workers and job creators are struggling with the consequences of the president’s government-run health care scheme. Higher costs, fewer hours of work, and loss of existing health insurance continue to threaten the health and income security of working families. Howe... More
  • Left Turn: Schools and Colleges Continue to Struggle under ObamaCare’s Burdensome Mandates
    May 28, 2014  - It’s no secret the president’s health care law is making life difficult for working families. Many of the ObamaCare problems plaguing the nation’s workplaces – lower wages, loss of existing coverage, higher costs – are emerging in classrooms across the country as well. To learn more about the conseq... More
  • Kline Applauds House Passage of Save American Workers Act
    Apr 3, 2014  - House Education and the Workforce Committee Chairman John Kline (R-MN) issued the following statement after the House of Representatives passed the Save American Workers Act (H.R. 2575), legislation to restore the 40-hour work week under President Obama’s health care law: The president’s health care... More
  • VIDEO RELEASE: Kline Urges Support for the Save American Workers Act
    Apr 2, 2014  - This week the House of Representatives is considering the Save American Workers Act (H.R. 2575), bipartisan legislation to repeal the health care law’s 30-hour definition of “full-time” employment and restore the traditional 40-hour work week. Moments ago House Education and Workforce Committee Chai... More
  • Kline Statement: H.R. 2575, the Save American Workers Act
    Apr 2, 2014  - I have the privilege of serving as chairman of the House Education and the Workforce Committee. As the name suggests, the committee has broad jurisdiction over policies affecting our nation’s classrooms and workplaces. It goes without saying that both face difficult challenges today. Budget constrai... More
  • Save American Workers Act Helps Protect Schools from Flawed Health Care Law
    Apr 2, 2014  - ObamaCare continues to harm American families through canceled plans, lower wages, and skyrocketing costs. This week the House will vote on a bill to provide relief from one of the law’s most onerous provisions. The Save American Workers Act (H.R. 2575) will repeal ObamaCare’s 30-hour definition of ... More
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