• Foxx Statement: Republican Efforts to Provide a Better Way on Health Care
    Mar 7, 2017  - For years, Americans across the country have struggled under a government takeover of health care. Because of Obamacare, insurance markets are collapsing, health care costs are soaring, and patients’ choices are dwindling. Simply put, the flawed health care law is failing. It is hurting hardworking... More
  • Byrne Statement: Consideration of H. J. Res 83
    Mar 1, 2017  - America’s workers deserve responsible, commonsense regulatory policies to ensure safe and healthy working conditions. They deserve a federal government that holds bad actors accountable, and a government that takes proactive steps to help employers improve safety protections and prevent injuries an... More
  • Foxx Statement: Consideration of H. J. Res 83
    Mar 1, 2017  - I rise today in support of this resolution because it will reverse an unlawful power grab and restore responsible worker health and safety policies. Article one of the Constitution is clear. It is the members of this body — the legislative branch — who write the law. Why? Because we are closest to t... More
  • Foxx Statement: Consideration of H. J. Res. 57
    Feb 7, 2017  - For years, the federal government operated under the flawed idea that Washington knows best when it comes to education. Policies put in place in recent decades vastly expanded the federal footprint into K-12 schools and prevented state and local education leaders from delivering the high-quality ed... More
  • Rokita Statement: Consideration of H. J. Res. 57
    Feb 7, 2017  - I rise today in strong support of H. J. Res. 57, and I yield myself such time as I may consume. Under No Child Left Behind, states and school districts were forced into a rigid one-size-fits-all accountability system that heavily dictated how they would gauge and address school performance. The sys... More
  • Guthrie Statement: Consideration of H. J. Res. 58
    Feb 7, 2017  - The purpose of the resolution under consideration is simple: Reining in the federal role in education and protecting the state and local control promised to students, parents, and education leaders. Under the Higher Education Act, teacher preparation programs are required to provide certain informa... More
  • Foxx Statement: Floor Debate to Block Blacklisting Rule
    Feb 2, 2017  - We are here today to stand up for workers, taxpayers, and small businesses. We all agree employers who do business with the federal government should be held to high standards, and their employees deserve strong protections. That is why for decades, the federal government has had a system in place ... More