• ICYMI: House Committee Passes Bill to Rein in NLRB
    Jul 22, 2011  - House Committee Passes Bill to Rein in NLRB By Melanie Trottman Republicans on the House workforce committee passed a bill Thursday that would bar the government from dictating where companies can do business – taking direct aim at the National Labor Relations Board’s complaint that Boeing Co. ille... More
  • Bloomberg on Davis-Bacon
    Apr 6, 2011  - Challenges surrounding the administration of the Davis-Bacon Act have long plagued the Department of Labor. In August of 2009, Chairman Kline requested the Government Accountability Office (GAO) conduct a new examination of the implementation of the Davis-Bacon Act. As Bloomberg highlights in the fo... More
  • Education & Labor Republicans in The Hill's Education Special Report
    Sep 29, 2010  - Rep. John Kline: Education is a jobs issue According to the so-called experts, the Great Recession that began during the winter of 2007 ended in June of 2009. This should be welcome news, but many Americans find it hard to believe. More than 14.8 million workers are still unemployed, and 27 states ... More
  • While you were out…
    Sep 13, 2010  - Congress may not have been in session these last several weeks, but plenty has been happening in Washington and around the nation. Below is a brief recap of notable education and labor news – what you might have missed and what is worth watching in the waning days of the congressional session. Commo... More
  • Columbus Dispatch on ObamaCare Stifling Job Creation
    Jun 7, 2010  - The New York Times reports this morning the Obama administration, facing “deep skepticism” over its government takeover of health care, is “orchestrating an elaborate campaign to sell the public on the law.” Meanwhile, the public continues to learn about and oppose ObamaCare with its higher costs, j... More
  • The Wall Street Journal on Longterm Joblessness
    Jun 2, 2010  - In Pittsburgh, Penn., President Obama credited his administration’s economic policies for “breaking the freefall” of the current recession. Despite more than 15 million Americans still looking for work, the president declared the nation is “again moving in the right direction.” But as the Wall Stree... More