• While you were out…
    Sep 13, 2010  - Congress may not have been in session these last several weeks, but plenty has been happening in Washington and around the nation. Below is a brief recap of notable education and labor news – what you might have missed and what is worth watching in the waning days of the congressional session. Commo... More
  • ObamaCare and College Students
    Aug 26, 2010  - Here is something college students probably didn’t want to learn on their way back to school: thanks to ObamaCare, many may soon lose their school-sponsored health care plan. An editorial from the Wall Street Journal provides the details on why some college students risk losing their current health ... More
  • Columbus Dispatch on ObamaCare Stifling Job Creation
    Jun 7, 2010  - The New York Times reports this morning the Obama administration, facing “deep skepticism” over its government takeover of health care, is “orchestrating an elaborate campaign to sell the public on the law.” Meanwhile, the public continues to learn about and oppose ObamaCare with its higher costs, j... More
  • Health Care & the Democrats’ Fuzzy Math: Spend More to Save?
    Jun 8, 2009  - America’s health care system is broken. Americans are generally happy with their doctors, but they know that health care costs too much. And far too many Americans have no health care coverage at all. Unfortunately, the Democrats’ solution to the health care cost crisis is to dramatically inflate fe... More