• The Failure of “Recovery Summer” is No Laughing Matter
    Jun 17, 2011  - One year ago, the Obama administration promised the American people the summer of 2010 was “poised to be the most active Recovery Act season yet.” This was just one more assurance on top of many, including the claim that the $830 billion stimulus bill would invest in “shovel ready” projects to creat... More
  • A Banner Day for Union Bosses
    Aug 10, 2010  - Today is a very good day for powerful union leaders. Congress was summoned back into session – with great complexity and expense – to vote on a multi-billion dollar bailout for unionized state workers. At the same time, the Obama administration is preparing to rollback reporting requirements for uni... More
  • Will House Democrats Continue to Delay Troop Support in the Name of Government Bailouts?
    Jul 19, 2010  - The head of President Obama’s “fiscal responsibility” commission recently made headlines for stating the obvious: the nation’s $13 trillion (and counting) in debt is a “cancer” on our country. Erskine Bowles, commission co-chair and former White House Chief of Staff for President Clinton, called for... More
  • Another Day, Another Report of Rising Costs Under ObamaCare
    Jun 30, 2010  - More than a year ago, President Obama declared national health care spending had placed the country “on an unsustainable course that threatens the financial stability of families, businesses and government itself.” The president described health care reform as a “necessity that cannot wait.” Despite... More
  • Nonpartisan Budget Expert: Rising Health Care Costs Continue to Pressure Federal Budget
    May 28, 2010  - According to Speaker Pelosi’s office, ObamaCare will ensure all Americans “have access to quality, affordable health care and significantly reduce long-term health care costs.” One has to ask how the Speaker’s office came to that conclusion, because according to a recent presentation by the director... More
  • ObamaCare Continues to Pile Up Hidden Costs and Broken Promises
    May 12, 2010  - In March, while rallying support for her government takeover of health care, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) famously told the American people that Congress needed to “pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it…” Well, the last two months have certainly revealed a great deal, including billion... More
  • SOTU Preview: A Phony Freeze & Growing Government … But Where Are the Jobs?
    Jan 27, 2010  - As President Obama prepares to deliver his first State of the Union address, the Administration continues to pay lip service to job creation in the face of double-digit unemployment rates and continued job losses. But a close look at the policies proposed by the White House in recent days reveals ju... More
  • Status of the Stimulus: Fuzzy Math, Wasteful Spending – and Unemployment Still Rising
    Nov 4, 2009  - Late last week, the Obama Administration revealed troves of data about its nearly trillion dollar government spending spree, which it continues to describe as an economic stimulus package. Unfortunately for struggling American families and small businesses, the massive spending program simply hasn’t... More
  • What do you call a stimulus that doesn’t stimulate jobs?
    Jul 9, 2009  - Almost five months after the Democrats’ much-heralded economic stimulus package was signed into law and a week after it was revealed that the unemployment rate has reached its highest level in more than a quarter-century, the American people are left asking: where are the jobs? “With unemployment al... More