• Small Business Owners on the Losing End of ObamaCare
    May 17, 2010  - Last week, President Obama tried to convince small business owners his health care reform plan was good for their bottom line and their workers. Recent action taken by small business leaders suggests many aren’t buying it, yet the administration continues its aggressive public relations campaign. “T... More
  • What President Obama Forgot to Tell Small Business Owners
    May 14, 2010  - Yesterday, President Obama took his so-called Main Street tour to the streets of New York, where he declared his government takeover of health care would “provide welcome relief to small business owners…” However, recent action taken by small business leaders suggests postcards and stump speeches ha... More
  • “New Direction” Leads to Massive Job Losses
    Mar 25, 2010  - Since taking control of Congress in January 2007, the Democrat leadership has advanced an agenda that has proven devastating to working families. Speaker Pelosi promised a “new direction,” but the American people weren’t prepared for the more than 7.5 million jobs that would be lost along the way. B... More
  • Obama Administration Opens Another Back Door to the Culture of Union Favoritism
    Mar 1, 2010  - Numerous media outlets have recently reported the White House is looking for ways to isolate and deny government contracts for businesses that do not abide by a yet-to-be-defined new regime of wage and benefit requirements. At a time when millions of Americans are out of work and the nation’s debt c... More
  • SOTU Preview: A Phony Freeze & Growing Government … But Where Are the Jobs?
    Jan 27, 2010  - As President Obama prepares to deliver his first State of the Union address, the Administration continues to pay lip service to job creation in the face of double-digit unemployment rates and continued job losses. But a close look at the policies proposed by the White House in recent days reveals ju... More
  • Previewing the White House Jobs Summit: Just More of the Same Failed Policies?
    Dec 2, 2009  - As the White House readies for tomorrow’s so-called jobs summit, skepticism is growing among Americans who believe the stimulus plan enacted earlier this year has failed, and more of the same government spending will fail to stem the rising tide of unemployment. “Obamanomics — the White House’s jumb... More
  • Status of the Stimulus: Fuzzy Math, Wasteful Spending – and Unemployment Still Rising
    Nov 4, 2009  - Late last week, the Obama Administration revealed troves of data about its nearly trillion dollar government spending spree, which it continues to describe as an economic stimulus package. Unfortunately for struggling American families and small businesses, the massive spending program simply hasn’t... More
  • No House Health Care Bill?
    Sep 29, 2009  - Has the House Democrat health care legislation become so toxic that members of the President’s own party are now denying its very existence? Apparently so. “During remarks this morning at the Finance Committee markup, there were references to the ‘House bill.’ Baucus quickly corrected the record. “‘... More
  • What do you call a stimulus that doesn’t stimulate jobs?
    Jul 9, 2009  - Almost five months after the Democrats’ much-heralded economic stimulus package was signed into law and a week after it was revealed that the unemployment rate has reached its highest level in more than a quarter-century, the American people are left asking: where are the jobs? “With unemployment al... More
  • So Much for Transparency
    Apr 27, 2009  - The Obama administration took the reins of power amid lofty promises of transparency and accountability. But as the President and his team prepare to mark their 100th day in office, workers around the country are in for a rude awakening. It seems the pledge of transparency doesn’t apply to rank-and-... More