• Left Turn: Exploring the Opposition to a Worker’s Right to Choose
    Dec 12, 2012  - We have to get past this whole situation where we manufacture crises because of politics. That actually leads to less certainty, more conflict, and we can't all focus on coming together to grow. – President Barack Obama, 12/10/12 If the president followed his own advice, there would be less confusi... More
  • An Imperial Presidency: Examining Obama’s History of Legislating by Executive Fiat
    Jul 19, 2012  - In the coming days, the House of Representatives is expected to vote on the Preserving Work Requirements for Welfare Programs Act, legislation to rein in the president’s latest effort to change federal law without congressional consent. In preparation for the upcoming vote, the House Education and t... More
  • Obama Policies Stunting Job Growth, Stalling Economic Recovery
    Jun 21, 2012  - The Bureau of Labor Statistics this week reported a significant drop in job openings, indicating America’s employers are hesitant to invest in and expand their businesses. Adding insult to injury, economists at Stanford University and the University of Chicago released a new chart on Tuesday showing... More
  • Obama NLRB Won’t Take No for an Answer
    Jun 13, 2012  - Despite President Obama’s erroneous claim “the private sector is doing fine,” the American people aren’t buying it. Washington’s regulatory onslaught has forced many job-creators to sit on the sidelines, and as a result, the nation has experienced 40 straight months of unemployment above 8 percent a... More
  • Obama NLRB Extends its Losing Streak in Federal Court
    May 18, 2012  - This week, the Obama National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) suffered yet another defeat in federal court. On Monday, U.S. District Judge James Boasberg – appointed to the federal bench last year by President Obama – rejected the board’s recent ambush election rule. During the final days of 2011, the ... More
  • NLRB Reflects on “Another Year of Excellent” Work
    Mar 13, 2012  - Without a great deal of fanfare, National Labor Relations Board Acting General Counsel Lafe Solomon recently released a report that amounts to his annual performance review. Solomon is responsible for investigating and prosecuting violations of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), as well as ove... More
  • Doubling Down on Failed Stimulus Policies
    Feb 17, 2012  - Hours before the nation recognized the anniversary of President Obama’s failed stimulus plan, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office announced unemployment could stay above 8 percent for the next three years. We are experiencing the longest run of high unemployment since the Great Depression, d... More
  • Running Roughshod Over the Constitution?
    Jan 13, 2012  - How can the President of the United States make recess appointments when the Senate is not in recess? That’s the question many are trying to answer after President Obama made three so-called recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). The appointments perpetuate fears about the... More
  • What Can We Expect from Obama's New NLRB?
    Jan 11, 2012  - This week, President Obama’s controversial recess appointments took their seats at the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). A great deal of legal uncertainty is attached to these appointments and any future action the new board may take. While some question the constitutional implications of these... More
  • House Republicans Investigate President’s Controversial Recess Appointments
    Jan 9, 2012  - Last week, the Obama administration once again put politics ahead of the American people by announcing three recess appointees to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) at a time when the U.S. Senate was not actually in recess. As the Wall Street Journal proclaimed: Eager to pick a fight with Con... More