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  • Small Business Owners on the Losing End of ObamaCare
    May 17, 2010  - Last week, President Obama tried to convince small business owners his health care reform plan was good for their bottom line and their workers. Recent action taken by small business leaders suggests many aren’t buying it, yet the administration continues its aggressive public relations campaign. “T... More
  • What President Obama Forgot to Tell Small Business Owners
    May 14, 2010  - Yesterday, President Obama took his so-called Main Street tour to the streets of New York, where he declared his government takeover of health care would “provide welcome relief to small business owners…” However, recent action taken by small business leaders suggests postcards and stump speeches ha... More
  • ObamaCare Continues to Pile Up Hidden Costs and Broken Promises
    May 12, 2010  - In March, while rallying support for her government takeover of health care, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) famously told the American people that Congress needed to “pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it…” Well, the last two months have certainly revealed a great deal, including billion... More
  • States Stand Up for Fiscal Responsibility: Reject ObamaCare’s Costly & Unsustainable High-Risk Pools
    May 4, 2010  - In September of 2009, President Obama promised Congress and the American people his health care reform plan would “immediately offer low-cost coverage” to individuals “who can’t get insurance today because they have preexisting medical conditions…” But at a time when states face $375 billion in comb... More
  • Obama Administration Report Confirms: ObamaCare Will Lead to Higher Costs and Less Care
    Apr 23, 2010  - In support of a government takeover of health care, Speaker Pelosi stated, “The best action we can take on behalf of America’s family budgets and on behalf of the federal budget, is to pass health care reform.” As early as December, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) warned that go... More
  • States Standing Up Against Taxpayer Funding of Abortion in ObamaCare
    Apr 16, 2010  - At the historic White House health care summit, Republican Leader John Boehner made it clear that ObamaCare would lead to taxpayer funding of abortion. In response, Speaker Pelosi declared “there is no public funding of abortion” in the bills that would become law. Despite Speaker Pelosi’s bold assu... More
  • ObamaCare Breaks Promise of Lower Health Care Premiums for Young Adults
    Mar 30, 2010  - During the 2008 campaign, President Obama promised the American people health care reform that would lead to “fair and stable premiums.” In fact, then-candidate Obama promised voters his plan would “bring down costs for the entire country.” The Congressional Budget Office has already dispelled this ... More
  • Supporters of ObamaCare Admit Taxpayer Money “Not Going to Last Very Long”
    Mar 29, 2010  - Speaker Pelosi believes her government takeover of health care is the “best action” we can take “on behalf of the federal budget,” and President Obama has promised government-run health care will reduce future deficits. However, even the supporters of ObamaCare acknowledge taxpayers will face greate... More
  • No House Health Care Bill?
    Sep 29, 2009  - Has the House Democrat health care legislation become so toxic that members of the President’s own party are now denying its very existence? Apparently so. “During remarks this morning at the Finance Committee markup, there were references to the ‘House bill.’ Baucus quickly corrected the record. “‘... More
  • Small Business in the Crosshairs
    Jul 15, 2009  - 467,000 jobs lost last month. 6.5 million jobs lost since the recession began. If ever there were a time to stand up for small businesses, it would be now. So what have congressional Democrats done for small businesses this week? Inexplicably, they’ve launched an assault on them in order to pay for ... More
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