• Despite President’s Promises, Health Care Costs on the Rise
    Sep 27, 2011  - It wasn’t long ago the American people were promised that health care reform would lower costs. In fact, President Obama repeatedly pledged his health care plan would lower premiums by up to $2,500. Unfortunately, as a recent study by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation helps make clear, Democrats... More
  • Another Day, Another Report of Rising Costs Under ObamaCare
    Jun 30, 2010  - More than a year ago, President Obama declared national health care spending had placed the country “on an unsustainable course that threatens the financial stability of families, businesses and government itself.” The president described health care reform as a “necessity that cannot wait.” Despite... More
  • ObamaCare: “Historic” Record of Broken Promises
    Jun 23, 2010  - Three months ago, President Obama signed into law the Democrats’ government takeover of health care. The president has described it as “historic” reform, yet in the early months of its implementation, the most notable feature of the law is the long line of broken promises left in its wake. Broken Pr... More
  • Culture of Union Favoritism Protects Big Labor From Obama’s Latest Broken Health Care Promise
    Jun 14, 2010  - Almost one year ago President Obama declared: “…no matter how we reform health care, we will keep this promise to the American people: If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. If you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan, period. No on... More
  • What the Administration’s Medicare Mailer Didn’t Say: ObamaCare Will Force Seniors to Pay More for Less
    Jun 7, 2010  - The New York Times reports today, “President Obama and his allies, concerned about deep skepticism over his landmark health care overhaul, are orchestrating an elaborate campaign to sell the public on the law…” So tomorrow, President Obama will visit Wheaton, Maryland, in an attempt to sell seniors ... More
  • Nonpartisan Budget Expert: Rising Health Care Costs Continue to Pressure Federal Budget
    May 28, 2010  - According to Speaker Pelosi’s office, ObamaCare will ensure all Americans “have access to quality, affordable health care and significantly reduce long-term health care costs.” One has to ask how the Speaker’s office came to that conclusion, because according to a recent presentation by the director... More
  • ObamaCare: Penalizing Small Businesses for Creating Jobs and Raising Wages
    May 24, 2010  - Last Thursday, President Obama issued a presidential proclamation declaring this week “Small Business Week.” The presidential proclamation accurately describes small businesses as the “backbone of our Nation's economy” that “employ tens of millions of workers” and create the “majority of new private... More
  • Employers “Bracing” for Higher Health Care Costs
    May 21, 2010  - In the 2008 presidential campaign, then-candidate Barack Obama unveiled a plan for health care reform to “lower costs to make our health care system work for people and businesses…” However, according to a recent business survey, many employers don’t believe the plan that was promised is the plan th... More
  • Small Business Owners on the Losing End of ObamaCare
    May 17, 2010  - Last week, President Obama tried to convince small business owners his health care reform plan was good for their bottom line and their workers. Recent action taken by small business leaders suggests many aren’t buying it, yet the administration continues its aggressive public relations campaign. “T... More
  • What President Obama Forgot to Tell Small Business Owners
    May 14, 2010  - Yesterday, President Obama took his so-called Main Street tour to the streets of New York, where he declared his government takeover of health care would “provide welcome relief to small business owners…” However, recent action taken by small business leaders suggests postcards and stump speeches ha... More