• Not So Fast …
    Nov 17, 2016  - For the past eight years, the Obama administration has shown it prefers executive overreach and regulatory schemes to bipartisanship and compromise. Time and again, they have proven their rulemaking is anything but responsible through measures including: An extreme and partisan overtime rule that wi... More
  • Fewer Options, Higher Costs
    Nov 15, 2016  - Retirement security is a difficult challenge facing millions of Americans. Unfortunately, misguided regulatory policies often make matters worse. The latest example is the Department of Labor’s flawed "fiduciary" rule. For years, many warned this rule would hurt the very people it’s intended to help... More
  • "CTE Benefits Everyone"
    Nov 8, 2016  - Technological advances. A persistent “skills gap.” Jobs that are available yet unfilled. These are some of the unique challenges that workers and communities across the country can face. Fortunately, career and technical education (CTE) can offer a positive solution. As the editorial board of the Da... More
  • House and Senate Committee Members Write to Education Department on "Supplement Not Supplant" Proposed Regulation
    Nov 4, 2016  - The Honorable John B. King, Jr. Secretary U.S. Department of Education 400 Maryland Avenue, SW Washington, DC 20202 Re: RIN 1810-AB33 Proposed Rule on Implementing the Supplement, Not Supplant Provision Under Title I of the ESEA Dear Secretary King: We respectfully submit these comments in response... More
  • A Surprising Admission From an Unlikely Source
    Nov 3, 2016  - Well, this is very interesting. A federal judge recently blocked enforcement of the Obama administration’s fatally flawed blacklisting rule. At the time, Rep. John Kline (R-MN), chairman of the Education and the Workforce Committee, said: The administration has spent significant time and taxpayer re... More
  • Federal Judge Reaffirms What We’ve Been Saying All Along
    Oct 31, 2016  - It’s only been a month since the Obama administration finalized a flawed and redundant blacklisting rule. Republicans have repeatedly raised concerns that this executive overreach would strip employers of due process rights and make the current system—which is designed to protect workers—unworkable.... More
  • An Opportunity to Succeed
    Oct 27, 2016  - After an altercation with a schoolmate, 16-year-old Jhanae Burnett was arrested and sentenced to probation. Living in the south suburbs of Minneapolis, her options for fulfilling the requirements of her probation were limited. Fortunately for Jhanae, her case was transferred to a county that allowed... More