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Education & Labor Committee Republicans

  • H.R. 2445, The State and Local Funding Flexibility Act
    Jul 7, 2011  - Chairman Kline (R-MN) has introduced the State and Local Funding Flexibility Act (H.R. 2445) to give schools the flexibility they need to innovate and best serve the needs of their students. THE PROBLEM: The federal government currently operates a host of elementary and secondary education programs,... More
  • H.R. 2218, The Empowering Parents Through Quality Charter Schools Act
    Jun 16, 2011  - THE PROBLEM: Charter schools empower parents to play a more active role in their child’s education, open doors for teachers to pioneer fresh teaching methods, encourage state and local innovation, and help students escape underperforming schools. Despite high demand and an estimated 420,000 student... More
  • H.R. 2117, The Protecting Academic Freedom in Higher Education Act
    Jun 13, 2011  - Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC), Chairwoman of the Subcommittee on Higher Education and Workforce Training, recently introduced the Protecting Academic Freedoms in Higher Education Act (H.R. 2117) to defend states, schools, and students from excessive regulatory burdens. THE PROBLEM: Late last year, the D... More
  • H.R. 1891, The Setting New Priorities in Education Spending Act
    May 13, 2011  - Rep. Duncan Hunter, chairman of the Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary and Secondary Education, has introduced the first in a series of education reform bills planned by the House Education and the Workforce Committee. Rep. Hunter's legislation, the Setting New Priorities in Education Spend... More
  • H.R. 6495, the Robert C. Byrd Mine Safety Protection Act of 2010
    Dec 8, 2010  - On April 5, 2010, an underground explosion at Massey Energy’s Upper Big Branch mine in Montcoal, West Virginia tragically took the lives of 29 miners. As Congress awaits the results of state and federal inquiries into this tragedy, it is vital to legislate responsibly, taking the time to identify th... More
  • S. 3307, the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010
    Nov 29, 2010  - Taxpayers are spending billions of dollars each year to combat child hunger and improve the health and wellness of needy children and families. Rather than extending and improving current programs, Democrats have proposed legislation (S. 3307) to dramatically expand the number and scope of federal m... More
  • Stop the Bailouts
    Aug 9, 2010  - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has summoned House Members back to Washington for a rare August session. What pressing national priority justifies pulling Members back from their districts and constituents? It’s simple. Democrats want another bailout. Doubling Down on Failed Stimulus Democrats already in... More
  • H.R. 5663, the Miner Safety and Health Act of 2010
    Jul 21, 2010  - On April 5, 2010, a massive underground explosion at Massey Energy’s Upper Big Branch mine in Montcoal, West Virginia tragically took the lives of 29 miners. Immediately, Congress recognized changes were needed to protect underground coal miners – toughening and modernizing mine safety laws, and hol... More
  • Ten Things Every American Should Know About the Government Takeover of Student Loans
    Mar 18, 2010  - The American public is all too familiar with Democrats’ recent vote to impose a wildly unpopular health care scheme comprised of thousands of pages of legalese, millions of lost jobs, billions of dollars in new taxes, and roughly a trillion dollars in new government spending. Yet unbeknownst to many... More
  • Republican Principles for Ensuring Student Success in the 21st Century
    Feb 25, 2010  - Objectives Help each child achieve his or her full and unique potential Give students the tools and knowledge to succeed in the 21st century Ensure America’s educational system is the best in the world We will do this by Restoring Local Control. Academic standards, testing systems, and curriculum s... More
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