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Education & Labor Committee Republicans

  • State of the Union Preview: Five Questions the President Must Answer
    Feb 12, 2013  - The nation will tune in tonight to hear President Obama discuss the State of the Union. As is always the case with this solemn occasion, Americans from every walk of life will listen closely as the president outlines the challenges we face and offers his ideas for leading the country toward a bright... More
  • ICYMI: ObamaCare's Broken Promises
    Feb 1, 2013  - As the federal government moves forward to implement President Obama's Affordable Care Act, the Department of Health and Human Services is slated to spend millions of dollars promoting the unpopular legislation. In the face of this publicity blitz, it is worth remembering that the law was originall... More
  • ICYMI: Rokita Op-Ed Celebrates School Choice Initiatives
    Jan 31, 2013  - By Rep. Todd Rokita One of the great Indiana success stories of the past decade is what we’ve accomplished in the area of education reform. I am always proud to tell the story of our state’s success in Washington, D.C., and now, as I begin my service as chairman of the U.S. House Subcommittee on Ea... More
  • Gallup: Health costs are No. 1 concern for small businesses
    Jan 25, 2013  - Gallup: Health costs are No. 1 concern for small businesses Small businesses say healthcare costs are the No. 1 factor hurting their operating environment, according to a new Gallup poll. Fifty-four percent of small businesses said healthcare costs are hurting the business environment "a lot" — mak... More
  • ICYMI: Packing the NLRB
    Dec 4, 2012  - One hallmark of the Obama Presidency is its habit of running roughshod over Congressional prerogatives. A test of that arrogation of power comes Wednesday when the Administration has to defend its imperial treatment of recess appointments in the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. We have long supported... More
  • ICYMI: What's Next for Head Start?
    Nov 16, 2012  - Each year, the federal government spends more than seven billion dollars on Head Start, a program designed to help low-income children prepare for success in school and in life. In an effort to ensure the program is working for families and taxpayers, congressional leaders in the House and Senate h... More
  • ICYMI: Lighter Lunches Leave Kids Hungry
    Oct 31, 2012  - Reports continue to reveal new school lunch requirements are leaving students hungry, increasing food waste, and running up costs for schools nationwide. According to a school food services director from Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, "Participation is down, and the feedback we are getting is that [stu... More
  • ICYMI: House Members Question Overdue Regs Report
    Oct 29, 2012  - A group of House Republicans are sharply questioning a lengthy delay by the Obama administration this year in producing a mandatory report that details the government’s regulatory agenda and what impact it will have on businesses and the economy. “For some reason, they’re just not telling us — the ... More
  • ICYMI: Micro-Unions: Washington's Newest Threat to Business
    Sep 26, 2012  - The Democrat-led Senate continues to block action on more than 30 House-passed jobs bills. One of the commonsense proposals stuck in the Senate’s stack of unfinished business is the Workforce Democracy and Fairness Act (H.R. 3094). This important legislation would rein in the National Labor Relatio... More
  • ICYMI VIDEO RELEASE: Committee Republicans Speak Out in Support of Bipartisan Welfare Reform, Reject President’s Unlawful Waiver Scheme
    Sep 21, 2012  - On Thursday, the U.S. House of Representatives approved with bipartisan support legislation to block the Obama administration’s unlawful attempt to waive the work requirements of the 1996 welfare reform law. During debate on H.J.Res. 118, Education and the Workforce Committee Republicans addressed t... More
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