• Kline Op-ed on Red State: If You Thought Activist Judges Were a Problem…
    Apr 28, 2010  - The following op-ed was published online at Red State on April 28, 2010. With a looming nomination to the Supreme Court dominating the headlines, much has been written about the dangers of activist judges – those jurists who do not feel bound by a strict reading of the Constitution, but instead are ... More
  • Kline Op-ed on AOL News: Two Government Takeovers in One
    Mar 17, 2010  - The following op-ed was published online at AOL News on March 17, 2010. Imagine a bill that dramatically increases the power of the federal government in Americans' lives. It expands the federal bureaucracy to administer a vital service. Democrats argue it will save money over time because the feder... More
  • Kline Op-ed in The Hill: It’s Still Not Too Late to Start Over
    Mar 8, 2010  - The following op-ed was published in The Hill on March 8, 2010. As the outlines of the Democrats’ health care endgame begin to emerge, one thing has become perfectly clear: The majority party in Washington, D.C., has no intention of bipartisanship. Before last month’s televised summit, President Bar... More
  • Kline op-ed in The Hill: How to get reform now
    Oct 7, 2009  - The following op-ed by Rep. John Kline (R-MN) – the Senior Republican on the U.S. House Education and Labor Committee – appears in The Hill as part of a special section on healthcare. Calling for commonsense, bipartisan solutions to reform our nation’s healthcare system, Kline writes: “The problem i... More
  • Kline Op-ed in the Star Tribune: A promise made to our children should be a promise kept
    Sep 30, 2009  - The following op-ed was published online by the Star Tribune on September 30, 2009. As students throughout Minnesota settle into a new school year, area schools, like many around the country, are coping with the stifling effects of the recession. School districts throughout the state are facing mult... More
  • Kline Op-Ed in Education Week: The President’s Teachable Moment
    Sep 10, 2009  - The following op-ed was published online by Education Week on September 10, 2009. These last few weeks, America’s classrooms have come to life. Schoolchildren from coast to coast have completed an annual rite of passage: the first day of school. For many students, this year’s first day was unusual. ... More
  • Kline op-ed at Townhall.com: Democrats' Health Care "Reform": The Next Job Killer
    Jul 10, 2009  - The following op-ed by Rep. John Kline, senior Republican for the House Education and Labor Committee, was published on Townhall.com on July 10, 2009. There they go again. Democrats have controlled the White House and both chambers of Congress for less than six months, yet already their tax-and-spen... More