• You Think Things Seem Bad Now? What If EFCA Takes Effect?
    Sep 4, 2009  - It’s hard to imagine worse news to kick off Labor Day Weekend. The national unemployment rate reached 9.7 percent in August, the Labor Department reported today. That’s up from 9.4 percent in July and it’s the worst rate in 26 years. And there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight. “Analysts generally... More
  • Reasons EFCA Must Fail No. 2: Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!
    Aug 27, 2009  - The American economy is sick and the best cure is jobs. The national unemployment rate is currently 9.4 percent. That’s a slight improvement from the previous mark of 9.5 percent, but that’s like saying a 102-degree fever has improved … to 101. The Employee Free Choice Act will not reduce that fever... More
  • Reasons EFCA Must Fail No. 9: Have You SEEN the Unemployment Rate Lately?
    Aug 18, 2009  - Ever hear the phrase, “making a bad situation worse”? That’s exactly what would happen to our economy – which, unfortunately, is in a “bad situation” at the moment – if some in Congress and their special interest allies get their way with enactment of the so-called Employee Free Choice Act. A report... More
  • Monthly Reminder of Why EFCA Must Not Take Effect
    Aug 7, 2009  - There are plenty of reasons not to enact the job killing, privacy destroying Employee Free Choice Act, but this morning, the U.S. Department of Labor gave us 247,000 more. Those reasons? The 247,000 Americans who lost their jobs in the month of July, bringing the job loss totals since the recession ... More
  • Democrats Continue Speaking Out Against Card Check Legislation
    May 11, 2009  - The so-called Employee Free Choice Act has come under increasing fire in recent weeks, and those taking aim might not be who you expect. Although card check is often painted in partisan terms, the reality is that an increasing number of Democrats are joining Republicans in speaking out against this ... More
  • Latest Jobs Report a Stark Reminder of Card Check’s Looming Cost
    May 8, 2009  - The U.S. Department of Labor this morning reported that the American economy shed 539,000 jobs in April, bringing the unemployment rate to 8.9 percent. Total job losses since the recession began in December 2007 stand at 5.7 million. At the same time, The Washington Post is now reporting that beleag... More
  • Card Check Flashback
    Jan 8, 2009  - It’s been nearly two years since Democrats in Congress first voted to take the secret ballot from workers. On March 1, 2007, Democrats approved the deceptively named Employee Free Choice Act, a bill that would actually prevent workers from freely and privately choosing whether or not to join a union... More
  • Card Check “a fundamental violation of the secret ballot principle”
    Jan 7, 2009  - An illuminating editorial appearing in today’s edition of Investor’s Business Daily pulls back the curtain on the misnamed Employee Free Choice Act, exposing the legislation as a payback to organized labor that would disenfranchise millions of American workers. "Despite its noble-sounding name, the ... More