• EFCA Supporter Admits Act’s Chances Are Slim
    Nov 19, 2009  - It’s starting to sink in. A major supporter of the Employee Free Choice Act admitted Wednesday that serious bipartisan opposition to the bill has made its passage on Capitol Hill unlikely this year – and maybe the next. The Las Vegas Sun, which also reported on Nevada’s attempts to block EFCA, has t... More
  • EFCA State Update: Nevada
    Nov 18, 2009  - It seems many Nevadans do not want to gamble with their privacy at the workplace under the Employee Free Choice Act. The Las Vegas Sun reported Tuesday that efforts are under way in the Silver State to amend its constitution to require the secret ballot for union elections – something that’s set asi... More
  • Here’s A “Good Idea” for Obama: Kill EFCA
    Nov 17, 2009  - President Obama is looking for a few good ideas. Specifically, he’s looking for suggestions about jobs during a forum on economic growth planned for next month. The Washington Post has the details here: “With the nation's unemployment rate at its highest level in 26 years, President Obama plans to b... More
  • As California Goes, So Goes EFCA?
    Nov 16, 2009  - Worker intimidation is just one of many, many reasons why the Employee Free Choice Act should not become law. But, as Wall Street Journal editorial board member Matthew Kaminski recently reported, this practice is allegedly underway already as two unions duke it out in California. On one side is the... More
  • EFCA State Update: Missouri
    Nov 13, 2009  - As we wrote yesterday, unions are pushing for laws similar to the Employee Free Choice Act in many states because their job-killing agenda is going nowhere on Capitol Hill. But in Missouri, supporters of the secret ballot are pushing back. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Thursday that a group t... More
  • Baby Steps to Card Check
    Nov 12, 2009  - Frustrated that Washington Democrats have not made good on their promise to pass the job killing, misnamed Employee Free Choice Act, union leadership is putting the pressure on states to carry their agenda. A recent report in the Wall Street Journal highlights how unions are taking a local approach ... More
  • CEO to Dems: Stop Killing the Economy With Card Check!
    Nov 10, 2009  - Like many business owners large and small, Michael Regan is worried about the future – especially if that future includes the Employee Free Choice Act. In a blog post for Logistics Management, Michael Regan, CEO of TranzAct Technologies Inc., noted that unemployment is at a record 10.2 percent natio... More
  • Card Check: Signature Job Killing Agenda Item
    Nov 9, 2009  - As congressional Democrats trip over themselves to find new and innovative ways to entrench more power in Washington, Americans are reminded of those big government agenda items that are already proving hazardous to the economy. At the top of the list, the mere threat of the grossly misnamed Employe... More
  • EFCA and Unemployment
    Nov 6, 2009  - It’s a record, but definitely not one to be proud of. The Labor Department released the latest unemployment figures today, and they have crossed into double-digit territory for the first time since 1983. Now more than one out of every 10 workers is unemployed, as The Washington Post notes here: “Mor... More
  • EFCA State Update: South Carolina
    Nov 5, 2009  - You can add South Carolina to the growing list of states that are acting against the Employee Free Choice Act. In an essay for The State, state Senate Majority Leader Harvey Peeler announced that he plans to introduce a bill that would protect a worker’s privacy at the ballot box in the Palmetto Sta... More