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  • JFK Opposed Ambush Union Elections
    Mar 19, 2015  - Members of Congress have an important opportunity to protect fundamental rights enjoyed by America’s workers and job creators. That’s the crux of a resolution the House is set to vote on later today that would block a radical rewrite of long-standing policies governing union elections. Under a schem... More
  • #StudentSuccessAct: Restoring State and Local Control of K-12 Education
    Mar 9, 2015  - The Student Success Act (H.R. 5) is a conservative proposal to replace a flawed education law and stop the administration from governing K-12 schools through executive fiat. While many have expressed support for the legislation, calling it “the most conservative federal education move in a quarter ... More
  • What They’re Saying About #StudentSuccessAct
    Feb 26, 2015  - Support continues to grow for the Student Success Act (H.R. 5), a proposal the House is currently considering to replace No Child Left Behind. As education stakeholders and conservative leaders reaffirm, the Student Success Act dramatically reduces the federal footprint in the nation’s classrooms an... More
  • 5 Ways the #StudentSuccessAct Gets Washington out of the Business of Running Schools
    Feb 25, 2015  - Our current elementary and secondary education system is failing. Despite the federal government’s ever expanding footprint in K-12 classrooms, student achievement remains stagnant. It’s no wonder out of 34 countries that participate in the Programme for International Student Assessment, the U.S. ra... More
  • Protecting Academic Standards from Federal Intrusion
    Feb 24, 2015  - Federal control over the nation’s K-12 classrooms continues to hamstring the ability of states and school districts to deliver a quality education to every child. Unfortunately, this problem has only gotten worse under the current administration. Through pet projects and conditional waivers, the Oba... More
  • It’s Time To Repair K-12 Education
    Feb 10, 2015  - If it’s broken, fix it. When it comes to elementary and secondary education, that is precisely what the Education and the Workforce Committee plans to do this week. As any parent, teacher, or administrator knows, the nation’s K-12 education system is in need of repair. Decades of Washington’s oversi... More
  • School Choice Options Empower Parents
    Jan 28, 2015  - Each year, countless parents have no choice but to send their children to broken schools. For many students, their likelihood for success is contingent upon their zip code, not their unique needs and abilities. Fortunately, there are educational opportunities that offer a promising alternative. By e... More
  • Bill to Save 40-hour Workweek Protects Classrooms and Workplaces
    Jan 8, 2015  - The House is expected to vote later today on the Save American Workers Act (H.R. 30), legislation to repeal ObamaCare’s 30-hour definition of “full-time employment” and restore the traditional 40-hour workweek. In a statement threatening to veto this bipartisan jobs bill, the White House said there ... More
  • What Responsible Safety Enforcement Looks Like
    Oct 17, 2014  - Providing every American worker strong health and safety protections is a priority that stretches across party lines. That is why the House Education and the Workforce Committee has raised concerns with a number of actions taken by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, such as: Altering... More
  • Responsible Reforms for Working Families
    Sep 19, 2014  - Throughout the 113th Congress, the House has been laser-focused on growing the economy and building a better future for all Americans. This week was no different, with the chamber advancing legislation that will help lower energy costs and spur job creation. The Education and the Workforce Committee... More