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Education & Labor Committee Republicans

  • VIDEO RELEASE: Andy's Story
    May 6, 2013  - For nearly 30 years, public-sector workers have had the opportunity to choose between accruing paid time off, or ‘ comp time,’ or taking cash wages for overtime hours worked. However, an outdated federal law prevents private-sector employers from offering their workers the same benefit. Meet Andy Br... More
  • INFOGRAPHIC: What Would You Do With #YourTime?
    Apr 25, 2013  - Between work, doctor’s appointments, baseball games, school, and time with the kids, juggling daily responsibilities can be overwhelming. In order to help more Americans balance the demands of work and family, House Republicans are advancing the Working Families Flexibility Act of 2013 (H.R. 1406). ... More
  • INFOGRAPHIC: Our Workforce Changed. It's Time for the Law to Change, Too.
    Apr 24, 2013  - Our workforce is changing. More kids are raised in households where both parents work. More students hold down full-time jobs while pursuing a postsecondary degree. More single moms and dads are in the workforce. With so many demands on Americans’ time, it’s no surprise many struggle with work-life ... More
  • VIDEO RELEASE: Karen's Story
    Apr 23, 2013  - For countless Americans, more workplace flexibility could mean better work-life balance. Yet an antiquated federal law prevents private-sector employers from offering workers paid time off, or 'comp time,' in exchange for overtime hours worked. This outdated policy is an impediment to employers who ... More
    Mar 11, 2013  - This week the U.S. House of Representatives is expected to consider the Supporting Knowledge and Investing in Lifelong Skills (SKILLS) Act (H.R. 803), commonsense legislation that will reform the nation’s broken job training system and help put Americans back to work. The following infographic, rele... More
  • INFOGRAPHIC: The Need for Comprehensive Job Training Reform, Part 2
    Feb 25, 2013  - An infographic released earlier today revealed the confusing state of the nation’s workforce training system. The House Education and the Workforce Committee is taking action to provide taxpayers, employers, and workers with a more effective workforce development system. The Supporting Knowledge and... More
  • INFOGRAPHIC: The Need for Comprehensive Job Training Reform, Part 1
    Feb 25, 2013  - President Obama has said the nation’s workforce development system is a “maze of confusing training programs.” But words alone can’t describe how convoluted the system has become – the following infographic reveals the true size of the bureaucracy standing between workers and the skills they need to... More
  • Did You Know? 10 Fast Facts on School Choice
    Jan 30, 2013  - State and local school choice initiatives continue to boost academic achievement and strengthen the nation’s education system. In honor of National School Choice Week (January 27 – February 2), the House Education and the Workforce Committee compiled the following facts on a variety of innovative pr... More
  • Curbing College Costs: Highlighting State and Institutional Efforts to Help Keep College within Reach
    Oct 26, 2012  - The College Board this week released a pair of reports on trends in student aid and college costs. According to the reports, average college tuition increased at the lowest rate in more than a decade – welcome news in these times of soaring student debt. However, more must be done to help students e... More
  • Four Facts About Today’s Vote to Preserve Key Welfare Reforms
    Sep 20, 2012  - Today the House will consider a joint resolution disapproving of the Obama administration’s attempt to undermine welfare reform. Education and the Workforce Committee Chairman John Kline (R-MN) joined Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) and Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Jord... More
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