• Price Statement: Hearing on “Examining the Delphi Bankruptcy’s Impact on Workers and Retirees”
    Dec 2, 2009  - Good morning and thank you, Chairman Andrews. I would like to begin by thanking our two distinguished panels for appearing today. We appreciate that they have taken time out of their busy schedules to share their experiences and expertise with us. Today’s hearing marks an opportunity to examine the ... More
  • Democrats Plot “Compromise” on Workers’ Rights
    Dec 1, 2009  - With December upon us, the first session of the 111th Congress is rapidly coming to a close. Interestingly, one of the year’s first legislative priorities among Democrats and their special interest allies remains unfinished business in these last weeks of the year. The so-called Employee Free Choice... More
  • Republicans Call for ‘Car Czar’ to Testify on Obama Administration’s Role in Auto Industry Bankruptcies
    Nov 30, 2009  - Led by Rep. Tom Price (R-GA), Republicans on the U.S. House Subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor, and Pensions are calling for the head of the White House Auto Task Force to testify at a hearing this week on the bankruptcy of automotive parts manufacturer Delphi and its implications for workers... More
  • Card Check: A Lifeline for Union Leadership?
    Nov 30, 2009  - With a decline in union membership over the last several decades, big labor is scrambling to attract more workers. It appears that conventional means of garnering support have failed. So, now union leadership is turning to the misnamed Employee Free Choice Act in an effort to change the rules in the... More
  • Washington Times on Government Takeover of Student Loans
    Nov 30, 2009  - The Washington Times editorial page is crying foul over recent efforts by the Obama Administration to pressure and cajole colleges and universities to abandon the most widely used federal student loan program in favor of the government-run alternative known as the Direct Loan program. “Despite the f... More
  • What’s Worse Than a Sore Loser? A Sore Winner.
    Nov 25, 2009  - The arguments for the so-called Employee Free Choice Act have always been dubious. The act’s supporters claim workers face unfair pressure in workplace organizing elections. Their solution? A public sign-up process notorious for subjecting workers to intimidation, coercion, and the threat of retribu... More
  • Las Vegas Newspaper Goes All In On Secret Ballot
    Nov 24, 2009  - If it makes the statewide ballot, an initiative to protect workers’ privacy in Nevada would be a good bet. That’s what the Las Vegas Review-Journal says in a recent editorial backing the measure, which is designed to prevent the “card check” provision of the proposed Employee Free Choice Act. The ne... More
  • EFCA and Health Care Reform
    Nov 23, 2009  - If at first your bill doesn’t succeed on Capitol Hill, try hiding your agenda in another one. That seems to be the new strategy for supporters of the Employee Free Choice Act as their bill slowly dies on Capitol Hill. Instead of pushing for EFCA’s passage, they are now secretly slipping key special-... More
  • Republicans Call for Pension Plan Transparency
    Nov 23, 2009  - Two leading Republicans today called on U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis to give workers immediate access to vital information about the financial status of their pension plans. Reps. John Kline (R-MN) and Tom Price (R-GA) wrote today to Secretary Solis requesting that her agency immediately begi... More
  • EFCA By Any Other Name Is Just As Bad
    Nov 20, 2009  - Now they are getting desperate. In an attempt to save their dying bill, supporters of the Employee Free Choice Act are trying to introduce new words in the debate. The Service Employees International Union offered details of its substitution strategy in a confidential memo, and Politico lists the ne... More