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Education and the Workforce Committee Republicans bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, and creative thinking to the challenges and opportunities facing our nation's education and workforce systems. This page features links to their biographies, short introductory videos, and social media channels to help the public get to know our team just a little bit better.


John Kline, Minnesota
Glenn Thompson, Pennsylvania
Joe Wilson, South Carolina
Dave Brat, Virginia

Virginia Foxx, North Carolina
Buddy Carter, Georgia
Duncan Hunter, California
Mike Bishop, Michigan

David P. Roe, Tennessee
Glenn Grothman, Wisconsin

Tim Walberg, Michigan              
Steve Russell, Oklahoma

Brett Guthrie, Kentucky

Carlos Curbelo, Florida

Todd Rokita, Indiana
Elise Stefanik, New York 
Lou Barletta, Pennsylvania

Rick Allen, Georgia

 Luke Messer, Indiana

Joe Heck, Nevada


Matt Salmon, Arizona