All Americans should be free to pursue economic opportunity. Whether or not workers choose to organize, they do not relinquish their right to basic democratic principles. That is why Republicans continue to fight to protect the democratic rights and responsibilities of all workers, including rank-and-file union members.  Union workers need better tools to hold union leaders accountable for their actions and union bosses should not be allowed to undermine laws concerning worker protections by abusing the secret ballot process in union elections. 

Republicans will vigorously oppose any effort to strip an employee of his or her right to vote freely and anonymously on the question of whether to form a union, and will hold the National Labor Relations Board accountable when it advances an activist agenda. Republicans will also continue to promote strong enforcement of the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act. Strengthened in 1996, this law serves as the first line of defense again union corruption, requiring union leaders to disclose certain information including how union dues are spent, financial audits, strike authorization, contract effects, disciplinary procedures, and the election and removal of union officers.   

These are just a few of the commonsense rules Republicans are defending to promote the rights and freedoms of all workers.