Full Committee Markup held July 14 - 15, 2010

July 15, 2010
H.R. 5504, "Improving Nutrition for America's Children Act"
Ordered favorably reported, as amended, to the House by a vote of 32-13.

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Amendments and Motions Offered on July 14 - 15 and voted July 15: 
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Action Taken

Roll Call

 1  Mr. Miller amendment in the nature of a substitute  adopted voice vote  
 2  Mr. Kildee extends automatic eligibility to foster children who are members of an Indian tribe  adopted voice vote  
 3  Mr. Kline republican substitute  defeated 16-30  No. 1
 4  Mrs. Chu priority for school improvement grants in schools  adopted voice vote  
 5  Mr. Thompson deficit trigger for new programs  defeated 17-28  No. 2
 6  Ms. Shea-Porter   authorizes summer food services grants  adopted voice vote  
 7  Mr. Hunter strike food service equipment grants  defeated 15-30  No. 3
 8  Mrs. Davis direct certification of military personnel  adopted voice vote  
 9  Mr. Petri allow donations of surplus food  adopted voice vote  
 10  Mr. Sablan adjust reimbursement rates for meals outside the lower 48  adopted voice vote  
 11  Mr.  Price offset spending with savings from welfare reform  ruled out of order  
   ruling of the chair
  • Mr. Price appealed the ruling of the Chair; vote is to sustain the ruling of the Chair making the Price amendment # 11 out of order
ruling of the Chair   sustained 29-16  No. 4
 12  Ms.  Woolsey organic food pilot program  adopted 28-17  No. 5
 13  Mr. Wu allow frozen foods in fruit and vegetable program  adopted voice vote  
 14  Mr. Miller managers amendment  adopted 31-14  No. 6
 15  Mr. Polis plant-based options pilot program  adopted voice vote  
 16  Mr. Polis professionalizing school food service workers  adopted 29-16  No. 7
 17  Mrs. McCarthy creates a Nutrition Corps  adopted 32-13  No. 8
 18  Mr. Scott priority funding for disadvantaged agricultural producers  withdrawn                             
 19  Mr. Courtney pilot program for reduced fat cheese  adopted voice vote     
 20         Mr. Scott outreach to disadvantaged agricultural producers  adopted voice vote  
 motion  Mrs. McCarthy report the bill as amended to the House  adopted 32-13  No. 9

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