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July 21, 2010
H.R. 5663, "Miner Safety and Health Act of 2010"
Ordered favorably reported, as amended, to the House by a vote of 30-17.


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Amendments and Motions Offered:
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Offered By Description Action Taken Roll Call
1 Mr. Miller   amendment in the nature of a substitute adopted by voice vote .
2 Mr. Kline republican substitute defeated 17-30  No.1
3 Ms. Shea-Porter requires distribution of whistleblower hotline information adopted voice vote .
4 Mrs. McMorris Rodgers strike Title VII, amendments to OSHA defeated 17-30  No. 2
5 Ms. Woolsey authorizes NIOSH to enter into cooperative agreement adopted by voice vote  
6 Mr. Price strike "knowing" intent standard defeated 17-30  No. 3
7 Mr. Hare requires certification of daily logs by "knowledgeable" individual adopted by voice vote .
8 Ms. Titus provides OSHA additional tools for ensuring State plans are in compliance adopted by voice vote  
motion Ms.Woolsey report bill as amended to the House adopted 30-17  No. 4

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