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October 26, 2011 - 10:00 AM
H.R. 3094, "Workforce Democracy and Fairness Act"
Ordered favorably reported, as amended, to the House by a vote of 23-16.

Ordered favorably reported, as amended, to the House by a vote of 23-16(House Report 112-276)

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Amendments and Motions Offered:

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 Offered by       Description Action Taken Roll Call
1 Mr. Kline amendment in the nature of a substitute adopted by voice vote  
2 Mrs. McCarthy regarding the community of interest test for bargaining unit determinations defeated 16-22  No. 2
3 Mr. Tierney strike language allowing open-ended litigation in pre-election hearings defeated 16-22  No. 3
4 Mrs. Davis a substitute amendment to provide assistance for the modernization, renovation, and repair of elementary and secondary buildings ruled not germane  
motion Mr. Andrews  appeal the ruling of the chair on the Davis amendment .  
motion  Mr. Roe table the appeal of the ruling of the chair   adopted 23-17   No. 1
5 Mr. Kildee to amend the timing and content of voter information list defeated 16-22  No. 4
6 Ms. Woolsey amends the substitute to direct NLRB to issue a rule for the conduct of electronic voting defeated 15-22  No. 5
Mr. Andrews  to vote amendments 7,8,9,10 en bloc    without objection  
7 Mr. Andrews amends the substitute prohibiting captive audience meetings after an election is ordered,  except where there is an agreement between the employer and union defeated 16-23  No. 6
en bloc
8     Mr. Bishop amends the substitute to sanction frivolous and vexatious filings defeated 16-23 No. 6
en bloc
9  Mr. Andrews  to strike the requirement for mandatory consideration of all pre-election appeals and restores current law defeated 16-23  No. 6
en bloc
10 Mr. Andrews amends the substitute and eliminates the mandatory 35 day waiting period for an election defeated 16-23   No. 6
en bloc
motion Mr.  Petri   report the bill to the House as amended adopted 23-16  No. 7

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