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Full Committtee

March 8, 2017 - 10:00 AM
H.R. 1304, "Self-Insurance Protection Act"
Ordered favorably reported to the House, as amended, by voice vote.

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Opening Statement:

Press Release and Photo Album:

Amendments and Motions Offered:

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Offered By Description Action Taken Roll Call
#1  Mr. Roe amendment in the nature of a substitute adopted by voice vote
#2  Mr. Takano sense of congress on the Republican replacement plan withdrawn  
#3  Ms. Bonamici   ensures nothing in this bill prohibits states from regulating stop-loss withdrawn  
#4  Mr. Polis creates a public option ruled non-germane  
motion  Mr. Polis appeal the ruling of the chair on the Polis amendment    
motion  Mr. Thompson table the appeal of the ruling of the chair on the Polis amendment   agreed to by 22 yeas and 17 nays No. 1
motion  Mr. Wilson report bill, as amended adopted by voice vote  

Committee Report and Reported Bill:

  • Committee Report (House Report 115-53, Part 1)    
  • Reported Bill (Bill Text

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