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The Card Check Payday
New Report Shows Passage of Card Check Stands to Increase Unions’ Earnings by $35 Billion Over 10 Years; Political Spending Could Balloon by $1.75 Billion

For anyone wondering why special interests are still fighting to enact a proposal as unpopular as card check, it may be time to consider that old adage: “follow the money.”

The Hill reports this morning on a new analysis that shows a stunning financial gain for union leaders if their predictions about card check hold true:  

“Passing the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) would result in millions in additional political funds for organized labor over the next 10 years, a business group opposed to the legislation will argue in a report to be released Tuesday.

“Unions would stand to gain an additional $320 million more to spend on political activities in year ten alone with a ten year total of $1.75 billion, according to a report put together by the anti-EFCA Workforce Fairness Institute (WFI). …

“The report takes a statement from SEIU President Andy Stern estimating that EFCA could mean 1.5 million new members for unions each year, and extrapolates that figure with several variables. It assumes $425 in dues each year for union members with five percent of that devoted to political activity. That would mean a total increase of 15 million new members over 10 years, accruing to an additional $1.75 billion in available political funds over the same period.”

O’Brien, “Report claims EFCA would line labor's pockets,” The Hill, 06.09.09 

The report is nothing more than simple arithmetic based on union leaders’ own projections. But its eye-popping conclusion shines a spotlight on the potential financial gain for union bosses if workers are forced to relinquish their rights through the controversial card check scheme.

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