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Why Oppose EFCA? It’s All About Jobs

Mike Weaver doesn’t oppose unions. He opposes unemployment – and that’s why he’s against the Employee Free Choice Act.

In a Sunday essay for The Indianapolis Star, Weaver – president of Weaver Popcorn Co. in Noblesville, Ind.– criticized the act’s ability to set aside the secret ballot for workers and instead use a “card check” system.

But he mainly opposes EFCA for this reason: “It’s all about jobs.” Weaver writes the act’s ability to kill jobs would not be welcome – especially during this prolonged recession:   

Opposition to the one-sided provisions of EFCA is not based on any anti-union sentiments. Rather, it is based on anti-unemployment feelings. The negative impact this bill would have on the Hoosier economy cannot be overstated.

“According to a study by noted economist Dr. Anne Layne-Farrar, director of LECG Consulting, more than 5 million jobs would be lost in the years ahead if EFCA passes.

“Because of our state's reliance on manufacturing, Indiana would lose a disproportionate share of those jobs. …

“An overwhelming number of Hoosiers already oppose all provisions of the bill, according to recent polls. They understand that too many Hoosiers are already out of work, and Indiana can't afford more lost jobs.

“To grow jobs, companies like Weaver Popcorn must make investments, including training, equipment, facilities, technology, and research and development. Those are made only when companies are confident they can make a return on their investments.

“Every day EFCA has life, that confidence is eroded, and companies delay important investment and hiring decisions that directly affect Hoosier job retention and growth.”

Weaver, “Opposition is based on anti-employment provisions,” The Indianapolis Star, 09.13.09 

The latest unemployment figure for Indiana is 10.6 percent. Nationally, it is 9.7 percent. Just imagine what the Employee Free Choice Act can do to those numbers if it becomes law. Weaver and many other Americans can. Why can’t EFCA supporters?

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