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EFCA and Unemployment

It’s a record, but definitely not one to be proud of.  

The Labor Department released the latest unemployment figures today, and they have crossed into double-digit territory for the first time since 1983. Now more than one out of every 10 workers is unemployed, as The Washington Post notes here: 

“More than one in 10 members of the American workforce were unable to get a job in October, the Labor Department said Friday, the first time in nearly three decades that the unemployment rate has soared into double digits.

“The unemployment rate rose to 10.2 percent, department said, up from 9.8 percent in September, the highest level since 1983. Employers also continued slashing jobs, though at a slower rate than September, showing that even though the economy is expanding, the job market remains dismal.  

“The crossing of that symbolic 10 percent barrier is likely to weigh on both the psychology of American consumers and the urgency of efforts in Washington to prop up the job market.”  

Irwin, “Unemployment rate jumps to 10.2 percent; highest since 1983,” The Washington Post, 11.06.09 

One way
 to help “prop up” the job market is to scrap any plans of passing the Employee Free Choice Act. It makes absolutely no sense to unleash a job killer whose effects would just add to today’s dismal figures (190,000 jobs were lost in October alone).

Add to that the act’s power to force government contracts, plus its possible effect on America’s ability to compete in world markets, and you will have prolonged economic suffering, if not disaster. 

In good economic times, EFCA was a bad idea. Now, it could be a dangerous one. It’s time to scrap EFCA for good.

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