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CEO to Dems: Stop Killing the Economy With Card Check!

Like many business owners large and small, Michael Regan is worried about the future – especially if that future includes the Employee Free Choice Act.

In a blog post for Logistics Management, Michael Regan, CEO of TranzAct Technologies Inc., noted that unemployment is at a record 10.2 percent nationally because “our political leadership has created uncertainty about the future” and, when faced with that uncertainty, business owners “hunker down and minimize risk.” 

That’s why, if EFCA does become law, Regan sees it as one of many threats to the fragile (and currently jobless) recovery:

“Whether you know it or not, business owners are looking to survive. To that end, within my small circle, eight entrepreneurs have postponed hiring 100 people and 20 other entrepreneurs have eliminated over 1000 jobs. This scenario, played out on a national scale, is why the unemployment rate is over 10%. 

“And things may get worse! With EFCA, health care legislation, or legislation which aggressively raises taxes, the U.S. economy can collapse. This so-called recovery is extraordinarily fragile. So for the sake of America: Stop attacking small businesses and please, please, please - Stop Killing the Economy!”

Regan, “Mr. President – Stop Killing the Economy,” Logistics Management, 11.06.09

EFCA makes little economic sense – in a good economy or bad. It’s time to end it once and for all.

EFCA alone would make business owners nervous with its ability to force them into government contracts and increase the cost and complexity of employment. But when added to other job-killing aspects of the Democratic legislative agenda, it’s plain to see why business owners are not hiring.