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EFCA State Update: Nevada

It seems many Nevadans do not want to gamble with their privacy at the workplace under the Employee Free Choice Act.

The Las Vegas Sun reported Tuesday that efforts are under way in the Silver State to amend its constitution to require the secret ballot for union elections – something that’s set aside under EFCA. The Sun shines a light on the subject here:

“An initiative petition has been filed to amend the Nevada Constitution to require employees to vote secretly when deciding whether to be represented by a union. 

“The petition, filed with the Secretary of State’s Office by a group called Save Our Secret Ballot, would require 97,002 signatures to qualify for the 2010 ballot. …

“The petition says, ‘The right of individuals to vote by secret ballot is fundamental. Where local, state or federal law requires election for public office or ballot measures, or requires designations or authorization for employee representation, the right of individuals to vote by secret ballot shall be guaranteed.’”

Ryan, “Petition seeks amendment requiring secret vote in union elections,” Las Vegas Sun, 11.17.09

Nevada joins a growing number of states acting against EFCA – and no wonder. With its ability to intimidate workers through the “card check” system, EFCA would not be popular among citizens who are accustomed to a private vote in local, state, and federal elections.

Also, with a record 10.2 percent national unemployment rate
(and higher in many states), EFCA’s ability to kill 600,000 jobs is not a welcome development, either.

From coast to coast, it’s clear that many states consider EFCA a bad idea – so bad, in fact, that they are doing everything in their power to stop it. Unfortunately, state efforts may not be enough to shield workers from the act’s devastating consequences of card check and forced government contracts. It’s time for EFCA supporters to admit the obvious and scrap their terrible bill.