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EFCA By Any Other Name Is Just As Bad

Now they are getting desperate.

In an attempt to save their dying bill, supporters of the Employee Free Choice Act are trying to introduce new words in the debate. The Service Employees International Union offered details of its substitution strategy in a confidential memo, and Politico lists the new lingo here:

“The memo reflects the fact that unions and organized labor aren't universally popular, and that Americans sympathize with – especially – small business.

“‘Anti-union,’ for instance, is out, replaced by ‘Anti-worker.’

“‘Our union’ and ‘labor’ become ‘workers’ and ‘working people.’

“‘Employers’ become ‘big corporations’ or ‘corporate CEOs.’

“An SEIU spokeswoman, Christy Setzer, didn't challenge the authenticity of the memo.”

Smith, “SEIU Memo: 'Unions,' 'Employers,' out; 'Workers,' 'Corporations' in,” Politico, 11.18.09

A concerted effort to change the language of the debate is a sure sign the pro-EFCA forces can smell defeat. They can change words all they like – even changing “anti-union” to “anti-rainbows and puppy dogs.” Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle know that this bill invades a worker’s privacy, can kill 600,000 jobs, and force government contracts on small businesses.

It’s time to have the last word on EFCA and that word is “no.”