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EFCA: Part of a “toxic political environment”

It is no secret that the Democrats’ big government agenda is sending a shockwave of uncertainty throughout our economy. Rather than getting back to doing what they do best – like growing their enterprises and hiring new workers – America’s employers are sitting on the sidelines because the Administration and its congressional allies have offered few incentives for job creation. In fact, they have offered a whole host of job-killing opportunities. There’s the national energy tax, a government takeover of health care, and a mounting debt that will plague future generations and lead to higher taxes. It seems that almost everything coming out of Washington these days spells disaster for businesses.

Armstrong Williams writing over at The Hill’s Pundit Blog is the latest to shine the light on how the Democrats’ agenda – including the looming threat of the Employee Free Choice Act – is stifling job creation.

The demand for bank loans by small and medium-sized businesses has also declined because of the toxic political environment in Washington. Small and medium-sized businesses are reluctant to invest borrowed money in risky projects and hire additional employees given the political overhang. This overhang includes: a 10 percent increase in income taxes in 2010; a significant but unknown increase in healthcare costs; the prospect of unionization through card-check; an expected increase in energy costs through cap-and-trade and the Copenhagen conference; increased financial regulation; and anti-banking and -business rhetoric from both the White House and Congress.

Armstrong Williams, “Make Wall Street Washington’s partner,” The Hill, 12.15.09

With all of that hanging over their heads, one can imagine why job creators are nervously waiting for it all to collapse down upon them in the form of new taxes and new mandates. This holiday season, Washington Democrats should give America’s entrepreneurs the gift of certainty by scrapping these “toxic” items from their to-do list. That’s a gift that will keep on giving for years to come.

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