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Nevadans Share No Holiday Cheer for Card Check

More news from the people of Nevada who continue to roundly reject big labor’s number one priority – the Employee Free Choice Act. In a report in the Las Vegas Sun, a new poll shows a majority of Nevadans would rather keep their right to a secret ballot.

New polling out today shows little support in Nevada for key provisions of the Employee Free Choice Act, the labor-led legislation that would make it easier for workers to form unions -- an issue that may return to the congressional agenda in the new year.

The poll showed 57 percent of respondents oppose changing the way unions are organized and 64 percent oppose allowing mandatory arbitration to settle organizational disputes between workers and managers, as is proposed under the bill.

The poll also showed more voters would be less likely to support political candidates who support such changes.

Lisa Mascaro, “Poll shows support weak for ‘card check’ legislation,” Las Vegas Sun, 12.17.09

Not exactly the kind of news union leaders and their allies in Congress will want to hear. It may be fair to say that the writing is clearly on the wall now that stripping workers’ of their rights and handing over arbitration authority to bureaucrats is a lose-lose proposition for America’s workforce and Washington politicians.

But we will have to wait and see what the New Year brings. Union bosses may not yet be ready to relinquish this key component of their special interest influence.

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