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Republicans Call on Speaker Pelosi to Honor President’s Promises of Transparency
Congressional Democrats Continue to Hide Health Care Negotiations Behind Closed Doors

As more Americans express their frustration with a proposed government takeover of health care, the Democratic leadership in Washington continues to hold their partisan health care negotiations behind closed doors on Capitol Hill and at the White House. This is in direct opposition to the wishes of the American people and contradicts President Obama’spromises to bring much needed transparency to these proceedings.

Today, Republicans on the Education and Labor Committee sent a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) calling on congressional Democrats to come out from behind closed doors and let the American people know how these important decisions are being made.

“One of the first steps Congress must take to correct its course and regain the trust of the American people is to end the process of concealing health care reform efforts behind closed doors,” wrote Republicans on the Education and Labor Committee. “Covert negotiations that led to special interest “sweetheart deals” in the Senate version of the health care bill severely eroded the American people’s confidence in Congress. President Obama promised the American people open, accountable, and transparent government. He promised health care reform would be negotiated in the public eye and broadcast for all to see on C-SPAN.  It is time for you to deliver on the President’s promise.”

For a copy of the letter, please click here.

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