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Health Care & the Democrats’ Fuzzy Math: Spend More to Save?
Republicans Want to Make Quality Health Care Coverage Affordable and Accessible for All Americans – and They Know Simply Throwing Money at Our Health Care Problems Won’t Solve Them

America’s health care system is broken. Americans are generally happy with their doctors, but they know that health care costs too much. And far too many Americans have no health care coverage at all.

Unfortunately, the Democrats’ solution to the health care cost crisis is to dramatically inflate federal spending by adding millions of Americans to the government health care rolls. In other words, they think spending more will make things cost less.


Today’s Wall Street Journal editorial page explains:

"The main White House argument for health-care reform goes something like this: If we spend now on a hugely expensive new insurance program for the middle class, we can save later by reducing overall U.S. health spending. This ‘tastes great, less filling’ theory could stand some scrutiny, not least because it is being used to rush through the greatest social spending program in American history."

In this era of trillion dollar deficits, the Democrats’ big-spending, high-cost health care strategy is raising serious questions.

"Health policy experts say guaranteeing coverage for all Americans may cost about $1.5 trillion over the next decade. That would be more than double the $634 billion 'down payment' President Barack Obama set aside for health reform in his budget,” reported The Associated Press in March.

Republicans recognize that our health care system needs reform. It costs too much, and too many Americans struggle to get the treatments they need. But when the Democrats’ solution will simply drive costs up further, it really is no solution at all.

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