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No House Health Care Bill?

Has the House Democrat health care legislation become so toxic that members of the President’s own party are now denying its very existence?

Apparently so.  

“During remarks this morning at the Finance Committee markup, there were references to the ‘House bill.’ Baucus quickly corrected
the record.

“‘There is no House Bill at this point,’ Baucus said. ‘There are committees looking at bills, I only say that just for clarification here, and the House is rewriting those three committee bills, they have not come up with their final bill yet.’”

Thrush, “Baucus: ‘There is no House bill’,” Politico, September 29, 2009

The Senator seems to be playing a little fast and loose with the definition of a bill. Or maybe it’s the definition of ‘is’ that’s causing the problem. In either case, a House bill does exist – albeit, one that has proven widely unpopular.

For the record, the Democrats’ bill – H.R. 3200 – was introduced on July 14, 2009. The very same bill has received a vote in three separate congressional committees, and it is being readied for a vote by the full U.S. House of Representatives even now. The question is, why might Democrats wish to deny its existence?

Maybe it’s because H.R. 3200 is a job killer.

Or because it will raise taxes on families and small businesses.

Or because it will reduce benefits and ration care.

Or because it will force millions of Americans out of their current health plans – even if they like their coverage.

Or because it will increase the federal deficit while failing to bring down health care costs.

Turns out there’s a lot not to like about H.R. 3200. Unfortunately, not liking the bill isn’t enough to make it disappear.

Nice try though, Senator.

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