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Kline Outlines Education and Labor Priorities

Rep. John Kline (R-MN), the U.S. House Education and Labor Committee’s senior Republican member, today outlined broad-based priorities for education and employment policy that will promote American competitiveness and hold government accountable. Kline is asking for the support of his fellow Republicans as he seeks the chairmanship of the committee for the 112th Congress.

“Job number one for the incoming Congress will be getting our economy back on track,” said Kline. “If I am selected by my colleagues to chair the Education and Labor Committee, I will immediately focus this panel’s work on the steps needed to restore economic certainty and promote job creation and worker success. Because quality schools are essential to our economic strength, our efforts will include an emphasis on education reform to ensure all students have the opportunity to thrive in the 21st century.”

Kline highlighted priority issues the committee will address in the 112th Congress–
  • giving employers the certainty, flexibility, and freedom to create jobs;
  • conducting robust oversight of education and workforce programs across the federal government to protect students, families, workers, and retirees;
  • modernizing and streamlining training programs to help job-seekers get back to work; and
  • pursuing education reform that restores local control, empowers parents, lets teachers teach, and protects taxpayers.

“The American people have sent a message loud and clear that Washington must stop the spending sprees, government expansions, and endless bailouts. They want a lean, accountable government that serves the people instead of serving itself,” said Kline. “With the Pledge to America, Republicans made a commitment to change the way Congress does business and restore our focus to the people’s priorities. I look forward to starting fresh in January with a new kind of Congress that is committed to fiscal responsibility and government accountability.”

“Until then, the lame duck Congress that will return to Washington for the waning days of this legislative session should adhere to the wishes clearly expressed by the American people,” Kline continued. “That means rejecting any last minute efforts to grow government or punish job creators with anti-worker policies like card check. Instead, we should begin immediately working to spur job creation by preventing American families and small businesses from being hit with a massive tax increase."


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