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Kline Statement: Adoption of the Committee Oversight Plan
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While adoption of the committee oversight plan is a routine procedure, it is one that is important to the business the committee will conduct over the next two years. Oversight helps to ensure the work we do is well informed and that Congress properly performs its responsibility of providing a check on the power of our co-equal branches of government.

Our oversight efforts will reflect the reality of where we are as a nation. The American people no longer accept waste, fraud, and abuse as unavoidable costs of the federal government. Taxpayers simply cannot afford government programs that go on year after year without any accountability for the money they spend or the results – or lack of results – they achieve.

The American people also want Congress to make job creation its top priority. That is why we must ensure government policies are not standing in the way of putting Americans back to work. We all recognize the need for clear and commonsense rules of the road to protect workers and students. However, as I stated last month, we must ensure federal red tape does not become the enemy of innovation, and that federal mandates do not become roadblocks on the path to reform.

I believe the proposed oversight agenda is ambitious and aggressive, and I believe that is what the American people expect and what this historic moment requires. I urge adoption of the committee oversight plan.


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