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Kline Statement on President's FY 2012 Budget Proposal

U.S. House Education and the Workforce Committee Chairman John Kline (R-MN) issued the following statement today after President Obama unveiled his budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2012:

Blueprint for More Spending , More Taxes, and More Debt

“The president’s budget denies the reality of the fiscal crisis we face. It is time we realized that Washington’s spending binge is contributing to economic uncertainty and high unemployment, and we need a new direction. While the White House continues to ignore repeated warnings by economists and experts that we must cut spending to encourage job growth, House Republicans have already developed a plan to cut more than $100 billion in federal spending over the next seven months.  If the President won’t propose the serious blueprint for fiscal discipline that our economy desperately needs, we will.”

Education Policy

“Over the last 45 years we have increased our investment in education, but the return on that investment has failed to improve student achievement. Throwing more money at our nation’s broken education system ignores reality and does a disservice to students and taxpayers. A recent hearing highlighted a number of innovative solutions underway at the state and local level that are producing real results on behalf of students and parents. It is time we asked why increasing the federal government’s role in education has failed to improve student achievement. I look forward to charting a new course in education that ensures Washington doesn’t stand in the way of meaningful state and local reforms.

“We all recognize the importance of Pell grants, but unfortunately the Democratic-led Congress expanded the program beyond what taxpayers can afford. The Democrats fiscal mismanagement has put the Pell Grant program on the path to bankruptcy. We need to make tough choices now to strengthen the program for students most in need.”

Workforce Policy

“Despite 21 consecutive months of unemployment at or above 9 percent, the administration still refuses to acknowledge that Washington cannot micromanage America’s workplaces. The president continues to believe that punishment before prevention is the best approach to worker safety, and millions of dollars spent on so-called ‘green jobs’ is the path to a strong economy. A budget that spends too much, taxes too much, and borrows too much is not in the best interest of workers or their families.”