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In the Fight to Repeal ObamaCare: Spending Agreement a Win for the American People

This week, Congress will consider a spending agreement that cuts $38.5 billion in federal spending while also taking significant steps to undermine ObamaCare. The agreement is not only a victory for taxpayers concerned about the nation’s unsustainable spending and debt, it is a victory for all Americans who join us in the fight to repeal the government takeover of health care. Here is how –

  • American people win with a vote on repeal in the United States Senate. Members of the Senate will be forced to take a stand on whether or not they support continued funding for the job-crushing health care law.
  • American people win as the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office is directed to investigate the potential consequences of the Democrats’ government takeover of health care. The public will learn more about the waivers handed out to the administration’s allies in Big Labor, and discover how many taxpayer dollars are being wasted on contractors hired to implement the new law. A separate study will allow individuals and families with employer-sponsored coverage to learn about rising insurance premiums due to ObamaCare mandates.
  • American people win as they are no longer forced to foot the bill for an army of new IRS agents needed solely to enforce the law’s numerous mandates and tax hikes. The budget for the IRS will be frozen, preventing the agency from expanding by an estimated 16,500 agents.
  • American people win as greater accountability is restored over how their hard-earned taxpayer dollars are being spent. The administration will no longer be able to dip into a taxpayer-funded health care slush-fund for its own political purposes.
  • American people win with the elimination of ObamaCare’s “Free Choice Vouchers” program, which would have driven up the cost of employer-sponsored coverage.
  • American people win as the spending agreement will conclude last year’s business and open the door for the Republican budget plan that repeals ObamaCare while paving the way for commonsense reforms that lower costs for workers, employers, and families.