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Kline Statement: H.R. 2560 the Cut, Cap and Balance Act

The severity of our nation’s fiscal crisis cannot be overstated. 

More than 14 million Americans are looking for work. Meanwhile, federal spending continues at an unprecedented pace, with an average of $4 billion added to our country’s debt every day.

We need to encourage economic growth and investment. Instead, leaders on the other side of the aisle are pushing more reckless policies, red tape, and taxes to pay for their irresponsible spending spree – leaving job creators frozen by uncertainty and fear, and risking our future prosperity. 

At a recent roundtable in Minnesota, a small business owner told me, “The government is out of control. It’s too big, and I don’t like it.”

Well, I don’t like it either, and it’s costing our country jobs.

It’s time for Washington to do what’s right. We need to make the tough choices necessary to get our nation’s fiscal house in order. No one said it would be easy, but it is certainly necessary.

The legislation before us today will end unsustainable spending and put this nation back on a fiscally responsible path. I strongly urge my colleagues to join me in supporting it.


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