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Moving in the Right Direction

Part 2: Despite False Rhetoric, Reining In NLRB Good for Job Creators and American Workers

Preserving Workers' Rights

House Republicans are advancing legislation that will prohibit the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) from dictating where a private employer can and cannot create jobs. Critics of the Protecting Jobs from Government Interference Act (H.R. 2587) have touted bogus rhetoric in an attempt to discredit this sensible reform. The Education and the Workforce Committee is committed to supporting America's workers and separating the myths from the facts.

MYTH: The Protecting Jobs From Government Interference Act will eviscerate workers’ rights.

FACT: No worker should be punished for the illegal activity of an employer. Unfortunately, the NLRB’s extreme authority to force a business owner to relocate employment across the country does just that – punishes workers for the unlawful action of someone else.

FACT: Today, thousands of workers in South Carolina risk losing their jobs if Boeing is required to relocate its airplane assembly line back to Washington state. However, this case goes beyond the Boeing workers in South Carolina. The NLRB is attempting to exercise an extreme remedy that may one day destroy the jobs of other workers across the country.

FACT: The NLRB has more than a dozen significant remedies at its disposal to protect workers and hold employers accountable. Current remedies include awarding back pay and offering preferential employment opportunities to workers who may have lost their jobs. The Republican legislation preserves these strong worker protections, while recognizing that forcing a business to shut down and lay off its employees is not an acceptable option for today’s workforce.

FACT: Today, more than 14 million individuals are unemployed. The American people need jobs, not an overreaching NLRB that is having a chilling effect on employers. The Protecting Jobs from Government Interference Act strengthens our workforce and helps keep jobs here in the United States.  

Unfortunately, this is not the only myth propagated by those who support the job-destroying, activist agenda of an unaccountable National Labor Relations Board. Republicans are determined to set the record straight.

To learn more about the Protecting Jobs from Government Interference Act, click here.


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