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Part 3: Despite False Rhetoric, Reining In NLRB Good for Job Creators and American Workers

House Republicans are advancing legislation that will prohibit the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) from dictating where a private employer can and cannot create jobs. Critics of the Protecting Jobs from Government Interference Act (H.R. 2587) have touted bogus rhetoric in an attempt to discredit this sensible reform. The Education and the Workforce Committee is committed to supporting America's workers and separating the myths from the facts.

MYTH: The Protecting Jobs From Government Interference Act is part of an ongoing Republican effort to dismantle the NLRB.

FACT: The NLRB has a responsibility to apply the law fairly on behalf of workers and employers.

FACT: For more than two years, President Obama’s NLRB has advanced a culture of union favoritism that is having a chilling effect upon job creators. And throughout that time, Democrats in Washington have left the NLRB unchecked as it pursued its job-destroying agenda.

FACT: Since the start of the 112th Congress, Republicans have worked to uphold their public responsibility to conduct meaningful oversight of the NLRB. Unfortunately, both the NLRB and Washington Democrats have opposed congressional efforts to monitor the board's actions.

FACT: The Protecting Jobs From Government Interference Act is a responsible proposal that helps rein in the extreme power of the NLRB. This unelected board should not be able to dictate to private employers where they can and cannot create jobs.

FACT: House Republicans will continue to pursue aggressive oversight and commonsense reforms to ensure the NLRB is meeting the needs of today's workforce and pursuing the best interests of all American workers.

Unfortunately, this is not the only myth propagated by those who support the job-destroying, activist agenda of an unaccountable National Labor Relations Board (see Part 1 and Part 2 of this series). Republicans are determined to set the record straight.

To learn more about the Protecting Jobs from Government Interference Act, click here.

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